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Criminal Records Incident Reports. Building Permit Status. Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning. Search county records for building permit statuses by address or date. Public Records. Building Permits. Search official county building permits by date. Child Care Facilities. It was constructed in to serve as the seat of government in Fairfax County.

During the American Civil War , the first Confederate officer casualty of the war took place on the courthouse grounds, and the building was occupied by both sides in the conflict. Today, the original courthouse building is part of the larger courthouse site that serves the local government of Fairfax County. When Virginia's county court system was established in , important issues handled by it included determining local tax rates, licensing mills and inns, providing for road construction and repair, and generally administering local government.

Fairfax County built its first courthouse in at a site called "Spring Field", which is near present-day Tysons Corner. By the middle of the eighteenth century, the city of Alexandria , Virginia, had established itself as one of the major ports of the region for coastal and oceangoing ships, and in the year , the courthouse for the Fairfax County court system moved there.


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The petition requested the courthouse be placed in the center of Fairfax County, a more convenient location for citizens of the area, in order to promote trade and commerce. Shortly after, the court ordered that the sheriff collect thirty-five cents for each taxable person in Fairfax County to pay for the construction of the new courthouse. Businessmen in the vicinity of the proposed site for the new structure were assured its arrival would bring an increase in business to the area.

The present location of the courthouse was selected and purchased from Richard Ratcliffe for one dollar. The clerk's office should be "arched over with Slate or Tile," which can be assumed was for fire protection. There was also to be stocks, a pillory and whipping post. Two men, John Bogue and Mungo Dykes were hired as the contractors. The architect of the building was to be James Wren. It was there he learned the skills of carpentry. His name appears frequently in the public records of Fairfax County during the eighteenth century. As this century drew to a close, he had earned a reputation as a skilled architect, especially for his work on the Falls Church and Christ Church in Alexandria.

First wife was Catharine Brent who died before His 2nd wife, Sarah, made arrangements for some of the family's slaves to be freed when they came of age and were educated, and the rest of the Wren family slaves were freed after Sarah's death. Some of the Wren family's former slaves also accumulated enough wealth that they were able to buy numerous Wren family household items and personal goods from their estate. The District of Columbia was founded in In March of that year, following the adjournment of the Court in Alexandria, a noticed was released announcing that the County Court would be held at the new courthouse in "the center of the County, where all suitors, and others having business, are hereby notified to attend, on the third Monday of April next.

The first order of business was to record the will of Corbin Washington, nephew of George Washington and brother of Judge Bushrod Washington , a Supreme Court Justice between and Thomas Mason, son of George Mason , was present at a poll of voters taken two days later. With his design of the new courthouse, James Wren departed from the traditional single-story plan of most Virginia courthouses, and produced a two-story building with the courtroom on the ground floor and jury rooms over the arched arcade.

No precise descriptions of the interior of the courthouse have surfaced, but it was customary for a large table to be centered in the main chamber of the courthouse. This table was usually spacious enough to seat the sheriff and justices of the county court, and it is likely that the courthouse followed this same layout. It was also customary to separate the portion of the court occupied by the public, which was done by the installation of a wooden railing or a partition.

Fireplaces likely heated the courtroom chamber and the second floor jury room. The location of the new courthouse was ideal, being located at the junction of Little River Turnpike and Ox Road present day routes and and providing easy access to most parts of the county. Attorneys generally rented rooms in the Willcoxon hotel near the courthouse and used them as their offices, advertising their services in the Alexandria Gazette.

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By the beginning of the nineteenth century, the land around the courthouse had been leveled and a fence was erected around the property. By December local officials deemed it necessary to create legislation to forbid sellers of liquors to set up booths on the public lot. In a plan was presented to the court for a poorhouse. One was soon erected, and land was set aside for its use.

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In general, the cases presented before the county justices were often an indication of the tenor of the times and of a personal nature. Often people who are charged with an offense such as DUI reach a plea agreement to a reduced charge such as reckless driving. If you are wondering if you can have your DUI expunged after pleading guilty to reckless driving you should contact an attorney to discuss this possibility. The Virginia Supreme Court decided a similar issue in Dressner v. An experienced expungement attorney can discuss how this case may apply to your specific facts and help you present an argument to the Circuit Court for your expungement.

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